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On December 12, 1953 Mr. Richard F. Armstrong, the founder of Denver Plumbing Co., Inc., returned home from serving a tour of Korea representing the 3rd Armored Tank Division of the U.S. Army.  Upon his return it was his first priority to build a home for his wife and newborn son.  In September of 1954, after completing his home, he began an apprenticeship under Mr. Herman Caldwell, who operated the business as Caldwell Electric and Plumbing in Denver, N.C.  This training was under the G.I. bill and lasted for 34 months.  Because of Mr. Caldwell’s poor health, he decided to retire and moved to the Mooresville, N.C. area.  This left Denver without a plumber or electrician. 


Richard bought a 1951 used truck in June of 1957 and this was the beginning of Denver Plumbing.  Richard began the business with only 1 additional employee besides himself, doing electrical and plumbing work and installing septic tank systems. Several years later  Richard decided to stop doing electrical work when an electrician moved to the Denver area.  On November 1, 1974 Denver Plumbing became incorporated.  Richard built a building behind his home and operated the business from there until 1977 when he and Richard Carpenter, a close friend, purchased some land together to build some rental buildings as an investment.  Denver Plumbing used some of this property for a small showroom and material storage until the current building location was built in 1988. 


Richard’s son, Clyde, graduated from college in 1974 and decided to go into business with his father. He has worked for Denver Plumbing Co., Inc. since then and continues to be a part owner in the company.


Richard’s daughter Lanelle Coffey joined the business in 1987 after being in the nursing field.


Richard continued being active in the plumbing business until 2005.


Richard passed away on October 5, 2006 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  The company continues to operate under the leadership of Clyde Armstrong and Lanelle Coffey.  Denver Plumbing Co., Inc. currently has 19 employees serving Denver and the surrounding Lake Norman area. 

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